ValleyCon Categories

Open Judging
1   Super Juniors  (12 Years and Under)
2   Intermediate Juniors  (13 - 16 Years Old)
3   Collections (3 to 8 Related Models)
4   Ships And Boats
5   Space and Science Fiction Machines
6   Misc. Static & Scratchbuilt Models
7   Wargame Figures & Displays
8   Figures – judged on Painting Only
9   Figures – judged on All Aspects
10 Vignettes & Dioramas
11 Small Scale Military Vehicles (smaller than 1/48)
12 Tracked Military Vehicles (1/48 to 1/32)
13 Wheeled & Half tracked Military Vehicles
14 Artillery Towed & Immobile

IPMS Style Judging
15  Showroom Cars/Trucks (no modifications)
16  Street Cars/Trucks (limited modifications)
17  Custom Cars/Trucks (radical modifications)
18  Competition Vehicles – closed wheel
19  Competition Vehicles – open wheel
20  Working Vehicles
21   Single Engine Prop Small Scale (< 1/50)
22   Multi Engine Prop Small Scale (< 1/50)
23   Jets or Rockets Small Scale (<1/50)
24   Single Engine Prop Large Scale Axis
25   Single Engine Prop Large Scale Allies
26   Multi Engine Prop Large Scale
27   Jets or Rockets Large Scale
28   All Rotor Winged Aircraft
29   All Rigged or Multi Winged Aircraft
30   All Civilian Aircraft

Best Wargame Figure or Display
Best Auto Paint – Tony Ricardi Memorial
Best WW I Aircraft – Albert Calhoun Memorial
Best Display
Best US Navy Aircraft
Best Closed Wheel Sport/Rally Race Car
Best Drag Car - Strip
Best Drag Car - Street
Best Classic Muscle Car
Best WW1 Allied Figure
Best Female Figure
Best Naval Ship
Best Scenic/Base Display
Most Creative Model

West Springfield, MA

Open Judging Award Recognition
   In an attempt to further recognize good modelers and encourage promising ones, WINGS & WHEELS will use an “Open” system to judge entries in the classes noted on the left.
   The Open System does not represent first, second, or third place recognition; therefore the number and level of awards will vary.
   An exhibit (one or more entries from a single modeler) is judged on its own merit of workmanship and modeling skill, not against other exhibits in the class. Three Judges as a group will decide which entry within the exhibit is the best piece. Independently the three Judges score this single entry on a scale of 0 to 4, for a combined maximum of 12.
   Gold = 11-12 points
   Silver = 8-10 points
   Bronze = 5-7 points
   For more details click here
General rules:
1. Each entry must be substantially built and/or painted by the entrant. (Die casts, pre-painted and promotional models will not be considered in judging.)
2. In addition to the requirements stated in the category description, awards are based on the modeler’s demonstration of basic modeling skills and, where appropriate, reasonable historical or factual accuracy. If your model is of a subject or version not generally known, or requires special knowledge to evaluate, please provide with your entry suitable documentation to assist in judging.
3. CAUTION: Contestants who remove their models from the contest tables before 3:30 pm risk not having their models judged for certain awards or photographed for our website. If your travel plans require early departure, please inform the head judge no later than 1 pm, and we will attempt to accommodate you.
4. The Club reserves the right to remove from display or from competition entries which the Club deems offensive as determined by the Head Judge, President and/or Class Judge. In the event a model is removed from competition, the entry fee for that model will be refunded.
5. Entries must be made in person or by proxy between 9:00 am and noon on the day of the contest.
6. No sweeps: only one place award per person per class. In the event there are fewer than 3 entrants, multiple awards may be given out. Special awards are not considered part of a sweep.
7. Unless asked not to, judges may examine models from any reasonable angle.
8. To facilitate judging, models in display cases will not be allowed without permission of the Head Judge.
9. Entries may be displayed with nameplates, spec. sheets, etc., but the modeler’s name should not appear on the display EXCEPT IN Open Classes.
10. Models which have won any place award (including Honorable Mention/Certificate) at a previous WINGS & WHEELS contest are not eligible for competition. Adequate non-competitive display space is available.
11. The Club may add, split, combine or delete classes, as necessary for fair competition. These decisions will be made only after registration has closed.
12. The Club will not be responsible for lost or damaged models, at, coming to or going from the event.
13. Award winners must be present or have a designated person available to accept awards. Due to the high cost of mailing, no trophies will be mailed to winners without a prepaid, non-refundable fee of $5.00.
14. Decisions of the judges are final.