Members Name: Brad Wells

Tell us a little bit about yourself: age, occupation, where you live, family (nothing too personal but a general idea).
I am 58 and Ĺ years old, going on 59, with the maturity of a 12 year old, therefore modeling is right up my alley. I work for the betterment of mankind everywhere by rising every weekday morning at 3:30 am, doing my back exercises, then spending the next 8 hours or so doing merchandising at 4 different Home Depot stores in the greater Hartford area. I find the work very stimulating, invigorating, enjoyable, and the cause of my sore back. My wife Barbara and I have lived in the modeling hotbed of Wethersfield CT for the past ten years where I maintain the corporate headquarters of my modeling empire in half of the 8x10 square foot spare room in the lower level that my wife said I could have. If Home Depot lays me off I may have to consider downsizing.
Modeling Interest: (Planes, Cars, Ships, Figures, etc.)
My favorite subjects are: sailing ships from the 17th to the 20th centuries, Formula 1 race cars, sports cars and prototype racers (LeMans) and exotic sports cars.
How long have you been interested in modeling? How did you start?
I started modeling sometime in the 1960ís. I think a model of my fatherís Corvair was the first subject. I built more jets as a kid but most did not very last. I donít remember my exact method of destruction but it did not involve fire crackers or flames. I made a balsa model or two and things trailed of at some point. Phase 2 of my modeling interest came as the result of a mistake. In the fall of 1992 I went to the New England Air Museum to meet with a singles group I was a part of at the time, for a tour. The problem was I arrived a week to early. But inside the museum was an announcement of a model show coming up at the museum. I decided to check out the show and what an eye opener it was. I had never seen such details and realism in those great scale subjects. I was hooked and soon there- after I became a member.
How long a member of Wings and Wheels?
About 20 years so far.
Who in the hobby world has influenced you and why?
One modeler who came to many of our shows was Bob Risley. He showed a level of detail and perfection I have never seen before or since. He could scratch build a working hood hinge for a stock car with ease. He was the best modeler I ever saw. One of hid dragster models made the cover of Scale Auto magazine. Ed Potkai of our club has been an endless source of help and information. If I have any question be it modeling tips, kit availability, or the history of the hobby, he knows it. I think everyone in the club influences me with their knowledge of modeling and of the history associated with the subjects. It sustains the interest to keep plugging away to improve.
What is your favorite historical period and why?
He tall ships of history from Henry Hudsonís Half Moon to the famous schooners from the 1800ís
Favorite Book:
The Cruise of the Conrad is the story of the around the world trip of the Joseph Conrad, now permanently docked in Mystic Seaport, in the years of 1934, 35, and 36.
Favorite Movie:
The Sting
What is your next project?
The next project after my Mercedes CLK-R that I am working on will be the Audi R8 straight out of the box.
What do you enjoy most and least about modeling and why?
The most enjoyable is excitement of seeing the potential in a kit up on that hobby store shelf. Then finishing the model and finding the best way to display it. The least enjoyable is not having enough time to build.
Besides (possibly!) what you model, do you collect anything? If so, what, for how long, and how did you get started?
The only thing I have collected are buildings of Lilliput Lane subjects. I saw them in a gift store one day. They are the most well-crafted buildings I have ever seen. The subjects are local and historical buildings from England. Many are thatched roof buildings with interesting names. They are very charming.
Is there something in modeling you have always wanted to do but never tried?
Future projects might be a scratch built castle, a biplane, some dioramas of nautical or landscape subjects. I also want to create a model of a racecar at the moment of impact with the wall at Indianapolis. It would recreate the look of a still photograph of the crash.
What type of paints, brushes or other modeling equipment do you use and why?
I try a lot of supplies and stick with the most well-known. I love Alclad 2 metalizer paints.
What other outside interests do you have (music, food, auto racing, sailing, etc)?
Keeping up the lawn and car, golfing, cross country skiing, tennis, music, auto racing and playing the drums
Parting Modeling tip:
Get a bottle of glue that is flexible. Before every usage, take off the cap, squeeze the bottle, turn the bottle upside down, then release the squeeze. Now use the glue as usual. This will keep the glue from running on after you use it.